little tension

Its been long I lapped or caressed a child closely. But i got pregnant i dont know when. Now I keep looking at him every single minute. I think after you got a child of your own you are totally a different person. You will always think about him/her whenever away. Whenever you are close to him you will be tired. I was walking downstairs today. I could see the window of the room the baby sleeping. The wide shoulder driver of our neighboring flat was in front of the lift. I crossed him from a 100 feet distance. And keep walking. Suddenly there is a scene of a film.The driver with other men entered into our flat as I left the lock open. I came forward with the baby intentionally as if they will consider us weak as a home with child. But no they didnt. They snatched my baby from me and throw him on the floor like washing a big bed sheet on rock. I don’t know the later part of the film. I start reciting Surahs with my trembling heart and soul and limbs. I never recited Surahs, well I never had these sudden filming session. So having  a child is not always what you think.


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